In the first couple of years Swissair did not have standardised Logos, but rather many different ones. They also were not always swissair, but wore different titles such as Swiss air Lines, Switzerland etc.

Here some of the Logos used during these early days of Swissair...

ca 1940's

In the 1940's Swissir started having a standard logo on their Aircraft. The title were still Swiss Air Lines.


The Swissair Arrow first came up in the early fifties with a new Swissair font. You can read the statement from its creator Ruedi Bircher by clicking here.


In the mid 1950's Swissair changed it's Arrow logo again together with it's new livery. The Word 'Swissair' was no longer in the arrow but separate ant the arrow was all-red. This was Swissair's Logo for a very long time, and only got replaced on Swissair's 50th birthday.


In 1981 Swissair turned 50 and gave itself an new, more modern logo and livery. At first they were not so strict about the logo and many different variants appeared:
The last one (with the double 'swissair' brand) was the one mostly used at the end etc.

Also, a Swissair Asia Logo existed, which was an 'own' company (belonging to SAirGroup) for flights to Taiwan. The Symbol means 'Luck' if i remeber correctly...

Click here for a presentation on Swissair/Sabena/Qualiflyer Brand guidelines (PDF)



The SAirGroup Logo was created in 1997 with the formation of the Group. Together with it the subbrands and logos were created, and can be seen in the 'SAirGroup' Section of this Homepage.
During the SAirGroup Time, the Swissair Logo also got the additional 'Skylines'.
In 2001 The SAirGroup Logo and the Name of the company were formally changed back to Swissair Group.


ca. 2000

The Qualiflyer Logo was used on all the publications of the Airlines of the QG Group, as well as on the bellies of many of the QG Group Airlines, either as a special Livery, such as for TAP, Austrian, Swissair, AOM or others, or with the blue belly as with Sabena, Swissair, AOM etc.
For more Info on the Qauliflyer Group and affiliated airlines check the Qualiflyer section of this website.

Click here for a presentation on Swissair/Sabena/Qualiflyer Brand guidelines (PDF) (same as above)


There are many other Logos that are related to swissair in some form, many of those beeing Sports clubs etc of former Swissair employees, some of them still under this name today. Most of these can be found by searching google images for Swissair...

Swissair Sports Clubs etc:

Other Logos about Swissair


Some experimental Logos that were never used in the end.

And this is the way to the last Swissair Logo...
They started off searching a font, then a logo to put next to it.

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