On this site you'll see the uniforms of the Swissair Flight attendants. If you have further information, pictures, or find something on this site is not correct please send a mail via 'contact us'. The Years that are mentioned here are only approximate, if you have exact dates please tell.

1930's - First Uniform
This uniform was first worn by Nelly Diener, the first Swissair Stewardess and also the first one in europe.

1940's - White Nurses
This uniform was all white, much like a nurses uniform.

1950's - Grey Uniform
Stylish new Uniforms came with the jet age.

1960's - Light blue Uniform
new Uniforms in a light blue.

1978 - New Joyful Uniform
This Uniform was introduced in 1978. It was meant to show Class, Joy of Live and Voyages. Here you'll see the different variations of the new uniform.

1980's - Next Uniform ?
Not quite sure if there was a different Uniform in between or if these are just Variations of the former and later uniforms...

1990's - Colani Uniform
The last Swissair Uniform was designed by Designer Luigi Colani.

2002 - Swiss Uniform
With the change-over from Swissair to Swiss a new uniform was introduced, based on the former Crossair Uniform. It was sometimes worn on Swissair Flights during that time.

Old Pilot Uniforms
A couple of pictures of pilot uniforms from the 60's.

Here some of the different insignias that were used over the time


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