The Qualiflyer Group was founded in 1998 by Swissair in order to strengthen the cooperation between Swissair and it's affiliated airlines. Initially the Group consisted of the initial members of the Qualiflyer frequent flyer programme, i.e. Swissair, Crossair, Austrian and Sabena, TAP, AOM, THY and Air Littoral. Lateron further Airlines that the SAirGroup had stake in joined the Qualiflyer Group.Austrian Airlines left the Qualiflyer Group, and Balair and LTU were not members of the Qualiflyer Group but participated in the Qualiflyer FFP. For detailed Information about any of the airlines click on the logo of the respective Airline on the navigation bar on the left side or the blue Qualiflyer column.

The Qualiflyer Group was dissolved in 2001, but the FFP continued to exist, even after Swissair stopped flying, with Swiss and SN Brussels as 'replacements' for SR and SN. The FFP was discontinued in 2002, and the Airlines started their own programmes again (or joined existing ones), in Swiss' Case the 'Swiss Travelclub' was created. The Travelclub was also discontinued after Swiss was bought by Lufthansa and joined Miles&More.

See an overview of what happened to the QG Airlines in 2001, 2002 and 2007.

last updated March 2008